Picnic Ride: Touring between cows and water

After a fantastic Eurotour Holland in beautiful North Holland, we will ride our traditional, legendary and very cozy Picnic Ride again on 17 July.

A great opportunity for our new members to get acquainted with GCCC. We’d say: why not come too?

We are very happy that this year yet again we can end up in the meadows of our hosts. Thank you for that!

Since this year it’s the British Queen’s Jubilee, we want to end this ride with a Picnic in style. Unpack your trunk in style and enjoy the most delicious quiches or scones, either home-baked or not,and much more. And toast together!


Decorations should, of course, not be missing. There will be a prize for the most beautiful, original picnic ensemble, so do your best. An extremely professional jury will judge the lot.
A special area at the site will also be set up for the most special classic cars of the day. And to keep the long-standing tradition fresh, this time we’re adding a Picnic Bingo with a shower of prizes.

So, enough entertainment for those who like that sort of thing. For members who have never been to the farm, we would like to point out that in bad weather we can sit inside the stables. So possible bad weather will be no problem at all……

Where do we start?
We start in Zoeterwoude where we are welcome from 12 noon.

Here we are welcomed with a word of welcome from our chairman, accompanied by coffee with the traditional pastry. Then we can prepare ourselves upstairs for the ride and enjoy the terrace when the weather is nice.

Our four-legged friends are of course welcome here, but they are only not allowed to walk past the distribution counter.

What are we going to see?
From there we”ll drive through the different villages and through meadows with
black and red fur cattle. The villages, of farming origin, have now been expanded.

Eventually we will drive on narrow roads between the different lakes (max width of our classics is 2m.). Of course, a number of specific South Holland windmills will not be missing during the ride.

Before arriving at our picnic spot, at a short route along the outskirts of Zoetermeer, pay particular attention to crossing cyclists and crossing wildlife.

After a ride that will hopefully be accompanied by good weather, we will enjoy a lovely picnic. Of course, our classics can be admired extensively here.

And what will it cost?

The costs are € 8.50 as a member and € 11.00 as a guest. So don’t wait any longer and register here before July 10th.


The GCCC excludes all damages of any kind. Photos and videos are also taken during the ride. If you do not appreciate this, you are responsible for this yourself by kindly asking the photographer or videographer not to take pictures of you or your car (number plate). The photos and videos are generally shared on individual participants’ personal Facebook and Instagram pages and the GCCC Facebook page.