Picnic drive with many delicacies

Picknicken op het landgoed in 2009LEIDSCHENDAM – In summer it has almost become a tradition that we have a picnic together at the beautiful estate of our GCCC-members Piet and Ernst, where we can enjoy finger licking delicacies in the form of food, but also beautiful classic cars!

Where did the picnic drive start?
Participants were expected to arrive at Restaurant Tijsterman, Dorpsstraat 114 in Nieuwkoop on July, 18th, 2010.

What did the drive look like?
A short drive, but one with many surprising roads and views. The drive ended at Piet and Ernst’s estate.

What could be taken?
Like in the previous years you could take your own table, chairs and home-produced food with you. All this could be used for the joint picnic in the meadow.