GCCC Limburg: Leading Role for River Meuse

PANHEEL – On Sunday November 16 you are cordially invited to take your car to the central part of the province of Limburg. Paul and Marchel have prepared a ride for you there, which promises to be a varied one with even a crossing into Belgium. This area is known for the water in the river Meuse, various lakes and marinas.

Where will the start and finish be?

You are welcome between 12.00 and 12.30 h. at the brasserie of  Restaurant Boschmolenplas, Bosmolenweg 16, 6097 NG Panheel. This restaurant has its own large car park. Once inside you will be welcomed with coffee/tea accompanied by a piece of Limburg “vlaai”, a kind of pastry typical for this region.

And what are we going to see?

Shortly after arrival we will renew our acquaintance with the picturesque city of Thorn, on the west bank of the river. The place is weel known for its white houses in the centre. Thorn was once an independent principality with its own justice and coins. At the arrival of the French in 1794 the aristocracy fled. The poorer people invaded their big, now empty houses. The French levied tax on the size of windows and this turned out to be too costly for these people, so they closed off the windows as much as possible. To hide their poverty they painted their houses white. It is still a stunning sight!

What else?

After our visit to Thorn we will continue the route through a bit of Belgium, after which we will reach the old fortified city of Stevensweert.

After that we’ll continue along the east bank of the river heading for Roermond. From there we’ll cross the river Meuse again to take a look inside the museum ‘Terug in de Tijd’.

Dinner afterwards

And then it’s off for the finish at Michelin recommended Restaurant Boschmolenplas, where you can take part in a three course dinner (€ 25,- per person). The number of people for dinner is limited to fifty.

The three course dinner consist of:

Starter, choice between:

  • Homemade tomato soup with basil cream
  • Homemade chicory soup with bacon and little gem

Main course, choice between:

  • Fowl wrapped in Parma ham, caramelized chicory, green pepper sauce and potatoes
  • Fillet of salmon with herb crust, risotto, marinated tomatoes and sugar lettuce
  • Tagliatelle with mushrooms, rucola, Parmesan cheese and truffle (vegetarian)

Dessert, choice between:

  • Homemade tiramisu, caramel sauce and cream
  • Homemade panna cotta of white chocolate, berries and yoghurt ice-cream

Can I take my dog?

Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed in the restaurant, but are welcome on the adjoining terrace.

And what will all this cost?

Members pay € 8,- ,  guests € 11,-. Included are coffee/tea with ‘vlaai’, the local pastry, and admission to the museum Terug in de Tijd. As usual the three course dinner is not included and drinks are at your own expense.

Registering for this ride is no longer possible, but you’ll be welcome at our next event!

  • Please note: GCCC cannot be held responsible for any damage whatsoever.