Eighth Christmas Crib Ride

Every other year  GCCC organises a Christmas Crib Ride and this year the eighth edition will take place on Sunday December 27th. A good time to look back to the past rides season and bring a toast to the coming year together with your GCCC friends! This ride will take place in the border region of the Netherlands and Belgium.

What car are you choosing?

Of course it is appreciated if you take your oldtimer, but because of possible wintery conditions and grit, it is perfectly understandible if you prefer to take your everyday car this time.

Where is the start and finish?

This time the organisers, our GCCC members Con and Koos have chosen Sint-Lenaarts (bij Brecht)  as the place to start the ride, a place not very far from the Dutch border. When on the motorway A16/E19 take exit 3, Brecht. You are expected between 12.00 and 12.30 h. at ‘Feestzaal L’Artisjok’, Dorpsstraat 50, B-2960 Sint-Lenaarts. Outside there are plenty of parking spaces. On arrival you will be be served a hot cup of wintery pea soup with bread.  A vegetarian alternative is available too.

What will the ride be like?

Every Christmas Crib Ride is a surprise ride of about 75 kilometers, in which photo details from the many Christmas cribs have to be found. So not only should you watch how you drive on possibly slippery roads, but you should also watch what’s to be seen in the beautifully decorated Christmas cribs! You can try to see if others will help you there of course! And there will also be a  concluding question and assignment. All this will give you a chance to win lovely prizes. Make sure eyou are back at the restaurant L’Artisjok by 5.30 p.m.

What should you take with you?

A good mood, of course! But apart from that don’t forget to take a torch with you because at this time of year it gets dark early. A torch will help you too in searching in all nooks and crannies of the Christmas Crib! And, please, take your ID card with you.

What’s on the menu?

At about 6p.m. dinner will be served for those who indicated that in the signing up form. It consists of leek soup, GFlemish beef stew made with abbey beer accompanied with chips. To finish it off a Dame Blanche. There is a vegetarian alternative: vegetable wok with a vegetarian hambarger. Don’t forget to indicate this when you sign up.

What will it cost?

The price for taking part are: € 4,- for GCCC members and € 8,- for guests. The price of dinner is only € 21,50 per person. Drinks are not included.

Can I take my dog??

Yes, but its owners must keep it on a leash and it mustn’t hinder other people.

Are guests allowed?

Of course, but only if signed up by a GCCC member beforehand.

You had wanted to sign up?

Sorry! The last day to do so was December 20th.