GCCC ride in Krimpenerwaard (Gouda area)

Our members At and Ron invite  GCCC members to get your youngtimer/oldtimer out again for the second time this year on April 19th  for a ride to the Green Heart of Holland, an area surrounded by the rivers Hollandsche IJssel, Vlist and Lek.  This Krimpenerwaard is known for its old and picturesque villages, ditto farm houses, low-lying polders and  windmills and has a rich flora and fauna. Some roads are narrow, but there are always wider parts for on-coming cars.

The rendez-vous

You are welcome at  Brasserie IJsselweide, Sluisdijk 15, 2809 NA Gouda between 11.30 and 12.00 h.  This Brasserie is part of the golf course IJsselweide (www.golfbaan-ijsselweide.nl) and boasts a large car park on the premises. Inside you will fine coffee/tea/sofdrink waiting for you accompanied by a local delicacy, a syrup waffle, Gouda style.   To get to the brasserie from Sluisdijk you drive down the slope, the brasserie and the golf course are at the bottom of the dyke. This is not steep, every car can manage that. It is possible to leave your car on top of the dyke, but there are no official parking spaces there.

During this week-end there will also be the National Open Golf Days (NOG). Golfbaan IJsselweide takes part. During the NOG you can get a free introduction to golfing. Golf courses are open to anybody interested.

What will we see?

You will drive through a varied landscape, through low-lying polders and on top of dykes. A number of historic places will be visited, such as Gouda, Schoonhoven and Stolwijk.

After the ride at the brasserie you can enjoy the BBQ “Black Bastard BBQ”. That contains meat of course, but there are vegetarian options too.

In the online registration from you can indicate whether or not you would like the vegetarian options. The BBQ will consist of:

fillet of salmon with green herbs | saté with peanut & ketjap onion sauce  | maize chicken cutlets  |  hamburgers  |  belly of pork  |  baked potatoes with crème fraîche |  corn on the cob  | range salade |  homemade BBQ sauce, chimichurri & aioli |  French bread & herb butter. Changes are possible.

Cost and payment

Taking part in the event will cost € 2.50 for members and € 5.00 for guests. Included are coffee/tea  on arrival with some sweet. The barbecue will cost you € 23.50.  Payment should be made in advance, as usual. Not included are your drinks.


During the ride participants can answer 10 questions on things seen during the ride. There is also some sort of easy test to decide in case of a draw.



As usual guests are welcome if they are registered beforehand. Four-footed friends in the form of well-educated and leashed dogs are welcome too.

Signing up for this ride is no longer possible.  April 12 was the final day for that.

  • GCCC cannot be held responsible for any damage whatsoever.