From Lake to Picnic – Sunday July 19th

Summer is upon us! Time for the annual picnic in the grounds of our members Piet and Ernst. In order to be able to concentrate on this picnic, this time the actual ride has been in charge of our members Peter and Jreoen. On July 19th they have planned a ride for you in the green Heart of Holland.

The start is at Aalsmeer at a stone’s throw of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and the finish is, as usual,  at the grounds of  Piet and Ernst. That is where you can consume all the food and drinks you have taken with you from home. So it’s up to you to make this as jolly or camp as you like!

Sorry, registering is no longer possible.!

Meeting point

We gather at Restaurant Westeinder Paviljoen Aalsmeer. Kudelstaartseweg 22, 1431 GA Aalsmeer between 12:00 and 12:30 H.  Coffee/tea and pastry will be waiting for you. After having checked in you can enjoy the beautiful view of  Westeinder Plassen with the odd aeroplane taking off or landing in between.

What are we going to do? Ride and picnic!

There will be a beautiful and varied ride waiting for you, finishing at Ernst and Piet’s estate. Time for you and your friends to enjoy all the delicacies you took with you.  We hope, of course, that the wheather will be perfect, but in case it rains, there is a vast covered area, so no need to panic then.

And what to take with you?

Tables, chairs, cutlery, candelabras, tea set or chamagne coolers, all is allowed at this (pink) party. You can be as creative as you like.

Valuation of your car

In the afternoon there wll be a chance to have your oldtimer/youngtimer valued. Many insurance companies demand such a document these days and also in other respects it is a valuable thing to have.

At the farm there will be people from  ‘Plettenburg-taxaties’ present from 14.30 h. until the end of the afternoon. They will be able to value some 12 cars during that time. This will cost € 89.-, of course at your own expense.

Registering is no longer possible. We have 115 participants!

  • Please note: GCCC cannot be held responsible for any damage whatsoever.