GCCC picnic ride: from sand to grass

On Sunday July 17, 2016 another picnic ride through the South-Holland province will take place, organised this time by our members Jerry and John. This varied ride will finish as usual at Piet’s farm. It is there that you can eat and/or share the delicacies you’ve brought with you.

Where do we start?

You are all welcome on the Noordwijk beach between 12.00 and 12.30 h.. The exact location has been notified by e-mail  to the members.  We can park in the grounds of the restaurant.  Inside you will find coffee/tea or soft drink with fresh apple pie from Olmenhorst.

What are we going to see during the ride?

A pleasant, varied and surprising ride of some 70 kms, touching at a.o. De Zilk, Hillegom and Kaag, and finishing at Piet’s farm.

What to take with you for the picnic?

Tables, chairs, cutlery, plates, candelabras, champagne coolers, glasses, fruit, beer, wine and whatever else you fancy. You can make it as camp s it gets.


After the ride your culinary extravaganza will be judged by a jury and nice prizes are to be won. There will also be prizes for the most original display. We hope the weather will be fine, but if not, the picnic can take place indoors in Piet’s barn.


Your dog can come with you, burt only on a leash! Guests are also welcome, but only if announced beforehand with your application.


Taking part will cost you € 6,50 for  GCCC members and € 9,00 for your guests. Payment is done beforehand, as usual.


Registering for this event is no longer possible. The final registration day was Sunday July 10.

  • Please note: GCCC is not responsible for any damage whatsoever.