What did the GCCC do in 2009?

  • December 13: Christmas Ride and Slides Afternoon on Gay King Louis II of Bavaria, location Nijmegen
  • October 17-18: ‘In the trail of the cyclists’, weekend around Oudenaarde in Belgium
  • September 20: Tour around lavender fields in the North-West of the province Overijssel
  • August 23: DelfGayl Splash Tour in the surroundings of Delfzijl (with overnight stay on August 22)
  • July 19: Haystack Puzzle Meeting from Leidschendam Video (with commentary in Dutch only, sorry!)
    Watch part 1 of the video

    Watch part 2 of the video
  • June 20: Gay Pride The Hague with escorted drive
  • May 29-June 1: Eurotour 2009, the Garden of Denmark on the island of Fynen (organisation: GOVC)
  • May 3: Bloom drive from Veenendaal
  • March 8: Annual General Meeting at Maranello Italian Car Showroom at Hilversum