New Year’s drinks 2023

Now that Christmas and New Year’s Eve are behind us, the period of the New Year’s drinks has arrived. The board would therefore like to invite you to the New Year’s drinks 2023.

We will continue this beautiful tradition and raise a glass together on Sunday 15th January on the outskirts of Utrecht.

This beautiful and for us new location will welcome us with a free bar from 4 to 6 pm so that we can discuss the past and the coming year over a snack and a drink and catch up with each other outside a ride. We will also give you a sneak preview of what we will all be doing together in 2023 and that promises to be a lot!

What will it cost?
For a mere € 15 p.p. (GCCC will pay the remainder of the costs) we will be pampered by them for two hours in this unique setting and we will make a great start to the new year.

And our four-legged friends?
Your four-legged friend is also welcome, provided he is well-behaved and kept on a leash.

Event arrangement
This event has not been registered for the events scheme.

As you know, it is the members who make the club, so we expect you in large numbers (with the old-timer?) at this kick-off of 2023!

Until then!

The board: Mick, Rob, Cees, Jerry and Wilfried


The GCCC excludes any form of damage whatsoever. Photos and videos are also taken during the ride. If you do not appreciate this, you are responsible for this yourself by kindly asking the photographer or videographer not to take any images of you or your car (number plate). The photos and videos are generally shared on personal Facebook and Instagram pages of individual participants and the GCCC Facebook page.