What did we do in 2016?

What did we do in 2016?

  • February 21: Annual General Meeting
  • March 13: Loosdrecht
  • April 17: Walcheren, the garden of Zealand
  • May 13 – 16: Eurotour (NL)
  • June 12: Limburg
  • July 17: Picnic Ride
  • August 14: Twente and Achterhoek region
  • September 4: (Dordrecht) Land van Altena
  • October 9: Nijmegen
  • November 6: Veluwe
  • December 11: Slides show with ride round Utrecht

What did we do in 2015?

  • February 22:  Annual General Meeting
  • March 22:  Dalfsen area
  • April 19:  Gouda and beyond
  • May 10:  Around Groningen
  • June 7:  Surroundings Utrecht
  • July 19:  Aalsmeer/Zoetermeer Picnic ride
  • August 8 and 9:  GCCC Antwerp Pride
  • September 6:  Southern part of province of Zuid-Limburg
  • October 11:  Hellevoetsluis/Oostvoorne
  • November 22:  Varia in Brabantia – around Oosterhout
  • December 27:  Christmas Crib Ride

What did we do in 2014?

  • February 16: AGM at Audi Centre Breda
  • March 9: Opening ride round Breda
  • April 6: ‘Dollen tussen de Bollen’ (second time!) from Voorhout. Driving through the bulb fields.
  • May 18: ‘Op de hielen met grote en kleine wielen’, Leeuwarden area.
  • June 22: Ride round Apeldoorn,  combined with Concours d’Elegance Het Loo on the preceding Saturday
  • July 20: Ride round Deventer
  • August 10: GCCC at Nationaal Oldtimer Festival
  • August 17: Picnic ride
  • September 6 until 12: Scotland trip (organised by our members Hans and Emiel)
  • September 21: Dordrecht area ride
  • October 12: Ride through Zeeland
  • November 16: Ride in the surroundings of Roermond
  • December 21: Christmas ride in the provinde of Utrecht with an audio-visual talk on Thomas Mann

What did we do in 2013?

    • February 24: Annual General Meeting (ALV) at Oldtimerland in Amersfoort
    • March 17: Shifting Gears along Shifting Sands
    • April 21: Tholen ride
    • May 26: Asparagus ride in Limburg
    • June 23: Ride in Twente around De Lutte
    • July 14: Ride in Kennemerland near Haarlem, with museum
    • August 18: Picnic ride, The Hague area
    • September 6 – 8: GCCC and Queerlenker Steam Weekend! / Unter Dampf! location: Veluwe (North of Arnhem)
    • September 22: Late Summer Ride in Brabant
    • October 13: Groningen area
    • November 17: Ride in the province of North Holland
    • December 29: Christmas crib ride in Belgian-Dutch border area

    What did we do in 2012?

    February 25: Annual General Meeting at Volkswagen Museum Wijk en Aalburg

    March 25: Ride in the former barren grounds around Ermelo

    April 22: Ride through the area around Edam

    May 20: Royal Lands and Estates in the province of Utrecht

    June 16: Border Hopping starting at Zundert

    • View the route and the photos taken by Con, Marchel, Bart and Arnold (in the members’ area)

    July 15: Picnic ride at Gouda and Leidschendam

    August 19: Ride round Hellegat

    September 9: Friesland Ride near Oranjewoud

    October 21: Autumn ride around Posbank, Arnhem area

    November 16 – 18: Jubilee week-end ‘GCCC 20 years’

    December 16: Let’s Go Wilde, presentation by our member Jan with ride in the IJsselstein area

    Succesful Eurotour 2011 in the Ardennes!

    VERVIERS – GCCC and the core team of the Eurotour 2011 organizers, can look back on a very successful international Whitsun weekend! With over 90 classic cars and 182 participants, this was the largest GCCC event so far. The very luxurious Van der Valk Hotel at Verviers in de Walloon Ardennes formed the base.

    Pictures of Eurotour 2011

  • Photographs of Con and Koos
  • Photographs of Aldrin and Erik
  • Photographs of Marchel and Paul
  • Photographs of Hans
  • Roadbook

    The colourful ‘roadbook’, which contained the routes, was exceptionally well made by Hans. Even in spite of the fact that some parts turned out somewhat unclear due to an unexpected cycle race, it was easy to pick up the route again thanks to this roadbook. This showed its quality!

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    What did we do in 2011?

    February 20th: Annual general meeting GCCC

    March 13th : Start new season with ride in the Achterhoek area

    April 3rd: Spring ride in the area around ’s-Hertogenbosch

    May 29th: Alkmaar turns pink

    June 10-13th : GCCC presents Eurotour 2011, in the Belgian Ardennes around Verviers

    July 3rd: Northern ride a day after Pink Saturday Groningen

    August 14th: Summer ride with picnic in Delft and Leidschendam

    September 18th: Fryslân ride at Lemmer and Gaasterland

    October 16th: Autumn ride around Schoonhoven

    November 20th: Ride in the North of the province of Overijssel with British high afternoon tea

    December 28th: Christmas Crib ride starting at Putte on the Dutch-Belgian border

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