Dunes and Meuse and in between

It may be short notice, but thanks to Hans, Emiel and Chris there will still be a ride this month! It will take place on Sunday September 27th.

What will the day look like?

We start at a nice location in Elshout. As usual you’ll be welcomed from 12 o’clock with coffee/tea and pastry. The ride itself starts at 1 pm.

From Elshout we head for Drunen, driving along Giersbergen which has a number of beautiful old farmhouses. From there we can walk to the dunes.

We continue through Udenhout and Loon op Zand and then we leave this ‘Loonse en Drunense Duinen ‘ area, go through ’s-Gravenmoer and Raamsdonk and head for Overdiepse Polder.

This polder lies between the river branches ‘Bergsche Maas’ and the ‘Oude Maasje’ and serves as water storage with high water level. The farms were all built between  2010 and 2015 and have all been built on mounds.

From there it’s back to Elshout.

We plan to be back at around 17:30h, so we can enjoy a drink (at your own expense). At 18h dinner will start.

Corona measures allow a maximum of 80 persons taking part in the drive and a  maximum of 50 personen registered for dinner.

From Markiezaat to Scheldt | CANCELLED

Bergen op Zoom

Update (August 14, 2020)

On account of the recent COVID-19 outbreak at Bergen op Zoom and in consultation with Henk and Hans, the organisers,  and the restaurant manager we have unfortunately been forced NOT to go ahead with this lovely ride. We want to keep things safe and relaxed for everybody.

During the past few days we received several cancellations and questions about this event.

Of course, this ride will be held at a later date. As soon as we have information we’ll let you know.

Our apologies for the inconvenience.

We hope you will understand this decision.

Just like everybody else, we are done with the virus, but the virus isn’t done with us.

So keep looking after yourself and others.

Kind regards

The GCCC board, also on behalf of Henk and Hans


For Sunday August 16th, we, Henk and Hans, have devised the 2nd ride of the 2020 GCCC season.

Where do we start?

The start is at a nice spot in Bergen op Zoom in the province of Noord-Brabant. We’ll meet here at 12.00h. After coffee/tea with some sweet treats we’ll set off at 13.00h.

And then?

The ride will take us from Brabant to a corner of the province of Zeeland. Leaving Bergen op Zoom we’ll pass the Gevangenpoort. Then we’ll go for the peaceful countryside and drive past the Mattemburgh estate. We continue via Woensdrecht where we have full view of Brabantse Wal. Brabantse Wal, also called Zoom, is a remarkable raised ridge in the Southwest of the Dutch province of Noord-Brabant, bordering Zeeland and the Belgian province of Antwerp.

Gevangenpoort Bergen op Zoom

Leaving Brabant we enter Zeeland and drive via Oesterdam to the fortified city of Tholen, which will be visited. From there we cross the canal connecting the rivers Scheldt and Rhine and head for Benedensas, with a lovely view of the locks. A bit further on we’ll pass Fort De Roovere. Another fort we can find on our route is Fort Henricus, which can be visited.

On the way we’ll discover spots suitable for picnics and there are pubs with cosy terraces for some refreshment.

We want to be back at where we started around 17.00h for a chat and a drink (at your own expense) and at 18.00h dinner will start.

Please note!! On account of the corona measures there is a limit of  70 people for the ride itself and unfortunately there is a limit of 50 persons for dinner. It is because of that that we have limited the number of guests to one per participating member or couple. (meer…)

Cancellation events

Dear classic car friends,

These are tough times.

Only two weeks ago at our Annual General Meeting at Culemborg we were a bit giggly about ‘not giving hands’. Now two weeks on we are confronted with new measures and a new reality.

Unfortunately this means that large events, such as the Eurovision Song Contest, The Netherlands’ Grand Prix, Utrecht Gay Pride, but also several oldtimer events will be cancelled.

Naturally the GCCC board takes its resposibility in this too. (meer…)

Annual General Meeting 2020

All members of  Gay Classic Car Club Benelux are invited to the Annual General Meeting of  2020!

At this AGM we  will look back at the events that took place last year and other things that have gone on within our club. Apart from that, we will be looking forward to the national and international events planned for 2020.

The board will, of  course, also present details of the financial situation of the club. Members present will have the opportunity of voting. One of the other points discussed will be the plans for the future of the club.

All members and partner members are welcome and can vote. Non members are not allowed.

The meeting will take place at the  Visscher PGH Autogroep showroom in Culemborg. We will be surrounded by new cars, miniatures and classic French cars, because our host, Mr Henk Visscher is an avid collector. In the interval we are allowed to see his extremely nice collection. The Visscher firm is also well-known for the annual French Car Day in the first weekend of Augustus. More info on the Facebook “Fad’ 20” page! Enough reasons to come to this AGM. Hot and cold drinks, rolls and snacks will, of course, be presented. (meer…)

GCCC New Year’s Drinks …. with Pub Quizz

By now it has become a tradition to start the new GCCC year with New Year’s drinks on the last Sunday of the first month. So the GCCC board is inviting you for informal drinks. That gives us the opportunity to look back at a successful year and raise glasses for a prosperous start of the “ Twenties”! 2020 is sure to be a good year with relaxed and nice events in the Netherlands and Belgium. A good opportunity to see your fellow car lovers again and have a pleasant chat.

Where and when?

So, why not come to the place on the water, well-known to us on Sunday January 26, 2020 at 13:30h. That place is ideal for our cars to be photographed. The exact address will  be sent to you by email. You will get a cup of coffee or tea plus a glass of festive bubbles and on top of that some tasty bits to eat will be presented. If you want to consume more, you’ll have to use the drinks cards which you will get on arrival.

Classic Car Pub Quizz

Even though we drive our old cars, our club is cleverer than the usual car club. That’s why the board wants to test our members if they really know a lot about classic cars, news and other facts. The quizz will be led by a real quizz mistress and her assistant presenter. All this can be done in teams and, of course, we’ll all go for the first prize!


10th Christmas Crib Ride

So far, GCCC has organised enjoyable Christmas Crib rides every other year. This year it will be the tenth edition, taking place on Sunday December 29th. A good moment to look back at the past year and to welcome in 2020 together with your GCCC friends. The ride is located in western North-Brabant, but we’ll be crossing into Flanders as well.

What car will you take?

Of course it will be appreciated if you can take your oldtimer. But if the roads have been gritted and weather conditions are bad we can imagine that you prefer taking your daily car instead. (meer…)

Saint Nicholas Ride

On Sunday November 17th we will have a ride centred round the Saint Nicholas celebrations. For those unfamiliar with this, it is a festivity mainly intended for children, but adults celebrate it too, with surprise packets and tongue in cheek poems. Special sweets are associated with this celebration, a.o. chocolate letters an marsipan figures.

Where will we go?

The ride will be in the area around Harderwijk, a pretty town with a cute harbour. We will gather from 11.30 onwards. The exact address will be sent to the club members in a separate e-mail. The start is at one o’clock and the route will take us through the woody area of the North Veluwe and the newly reclaimed land, the polder in the former Zuiderzee. Lots to see on the way, and while driving you have to watch carefully because you will be asked to arrange photos in the correct order.


Smugglers’ route

Smuggling was widespread in all the border regions between the Netherlands and Belgium. it has disappeared with the abolition of border controls. Before that, whenever there was a price difference on one side of the border smugglers existed. Often this difference was caused by taxes being different, as was the case with salt at the end of the 19th century. But it was butter smuggling between the two world wars that was notorious. The poverty during the economic crisis of the thirties forced many to earn a lilttle extra money by smuggling. Often it was a cat-and-mouse game between the civilian and the customs officer. It’s been known that when some customs officers suspected some woman of having butter on them, they kept her in their office near the fire.  After a while the butter dripped down her skirts!

Are we going to smuggle secretly?

No, we’re not going to do anything underhand during this ride, organised by our members Patrick and Wilfried. On Sunday August 25th we’re going to do a smugglers’ route, which will be very special having exciting narrow roads in parts of Belgium most of you have never seen. We’ll cross the border several times in the areas of Dutch Flanders and the Belgian provinces of Eastern and Western Flanders.  Only the well-known boundary posts will tell you you are in a different country, but don’t be afraid, crossing the border is now completely legal! No customs officer is going to check you. (meer…)

Picnic Ride in the heights

On Sunday July 21st 2019 we’re not taking off into the air, but we’ll explore residential areas of high calibre.  Going through stately avenues, passing opulent residences, admiring beautiful palaces and strolling along one of the most beautiful esplanades on the Dutch sea coast.  Just been renovated for our annual ride. On the pier there is a bungee tower, so if you would want to be high up for a moment just before falling down into the depths, here’s your chance.  The ride ends at the agricultural estate of our members Ernst and Piet for a lovely picnic in elegance, style and class. You’ll have to take your own food, drinks and tableware, so do your utmost!

Our hosts often award prizes and there is a special Concours d’ Elegance-area for the shiniest, most special classic cars. So, not only should you doll yourself up for this picnic meet, but get your oldtimer tarted up too!

Where is the start?

GCCC-members Ruud and Rob have devised a beautiful route and thought of a related theme. Everybody is welcomed with coffee/tea and pastry at a spacious hotel terrace from 11 a.m. onwards, not very far from our picnic spot. That means that you can  join somebody in his car for a bit if you don’t want to drive yourself  all the way. For parking your oldtimer at the hotel special places have been reserved.

When will the picnic start?

In order to have plenty of time for the picnic, the route has been kept shorter than usual, but bear in mind that traffic to and from the beach can be bad when the weather is nice. The idea is to get to the picnic area at around 2 pm. (meer…)

IJssel valley from Teuge

In the long GCCC history we’ve had so many rides and been through so many places that it seems as if we’ve been all over the country. Still, that’s not the case and our former treasurer has managed to organise a ride on roads most of us haven’t been on before. It was only during Eurotour 2007 that we drove on some of these roads but not many.

And where are we going?
Sunday May 19th ’s ride starts at Teuge Airport. A nice location with a lot of things to be seen. It’s  a coming and going of private planes, with people just jumping out of them, fortunately with a parachute. In good weather we’ll be able to see it all from the terrace of the restaurant which is the  start and the finish of the ride. Dogs are welcome there too.

Details of start address will be sent to members by email. We are expected to arrive there between 12h en 12h30 and will be welcomed with coffee/tea and pastry.

From Teuge we follow the western side of the river IJssel towards Zutphen. We cross the river, over the old bridge. Then we park our old- or young-timers free of charge to explore this city. (meer…)

Cars and Wine – Juicy details in Betuwe

Early April nature comes to life again after the relatively quiet winter period. The tender buds are opening up and lovely bloom is enfolding. The Betuwe area is of course THE place to enjoy all this bloom. That’s why our members Paul and Marchel are inviting you to join them in this area for a ride on April 7th, 2019.

This event is not only about blooming trees but also about another hobby of these two men. Wine! Fruit trees in bloom are common in this Betuwe area but there is also a surprisingly pretty vineyard.  It is there that we meet on the day, with coffee/tea and something sweet.  After these goodies we re leaving for a ride in the surroundings, passing well known and lesser known spots.

At the end of this ride we’ll be back at the vineyard where we’ll have the opportunity to visit it. All the juicy details of wine making will be touched on and after this we’ll be able to taste the wines too. We end this event with a barbecue in that same vineyard.   (meer…)

GCCC – Marine to Meadow

It’s summer, so time for outdoor life. At this time of year GCCC members start being  creative  again in order to prepare for the customary picnic.  This popular event this year will take place on July 23rd.

The ride preceding the picknick at Piet and Ernst’s meadow will lead us through Westland. The start is in Vlaardingen at 1 p.m. and the end at Leidschendam for the picnic. In case bad weather prevents us from eating our food outside we can take shelter in their barn and consume our heathy salads and things and drink a glass of lovely  bubbly or two there. That last thing of course only for those of us who don’t happen to have to drive afterwards! (meer…)

Memory Lane – Ride around Utrecht

Just before the festive December days spent with family and relatives, GCCC is providing an opportunity to see your club mates again.

On Sunday December 11 you are invited to come to the Utrecht area, where our members Ruud and Mayra have organised an enjoyable ride followed by an interesting slides show on Peter Tsjaikovsky, given by our member Jan. Jan has presented those slides shows before, in December 2010, 2012, 2014 on King Ludwig II van Beieren, Oscar Wilde and Thomas Mann respectively. So this time on the Russian composer Peter (of Pyotr) Tsjaikovsky.  Jan is going to tell you everything about this famous composer.


You are welcome at Maarssen (precise address will be provided later) between 11.30 and 12.00 h. Parking is allowed in the restaurant grounds. Inside coffee/tea with some pastry will be waiting for you. After the ride we’ll be back there. (meer…)

GCCC: Driving along picturesque Veluwe roads

The Veluwe, the hilly region North of Arnhem, has been an area we’ve visited before, but never in the Autumn. A period in which the trees are starting to drop or have dropped their leaves. Our club mates Marcel and Arie have joined forces and are presenting a ride in the northern half of this region of natural beauty.

Mooie wegen op de Veluwe


As usual, between 12:00 and 12:30 h. you are expected at the starting point, where coffee/tea is waiting for you. The ride will start at Nunspeet, the exact address participants will get after registering. The route is initially heading south along somewhat more through roads , but soon the roads will change character and have more of an tourist appeal, passing through the heather, which by now will have finished blooming. (meer…)

Ride past Achterhoek and Twente mansions

On Sunday August 14, 2016  our members Maarten and Olav are taking you with them for a GCCC ride to a part of the Netherlands unfamiliar to most of us, i.e. the  Twente and the Achterhoek regions. A gem of a ride through the beautiful east part of our country. Enjoy the Twente hospitality!

Where is the start and the finish?

You are more than welcome at the start address between 12.00 and 12.30 h. The exact address will be forwarded to GCCC members in a separate email. On arrival coffee/tea is provided accompanied by authentic local pastry. After a pleasant ride through Achterhoek and Twente we’ll be back at our starting point round about five p.m.. Along the way there is plenty of time for a visit to a mansion or for something to eat or drink (at your own expense). For those who have booked in advance a three course dinner will be waiting at around  6 p.m. for € 25 (drinks not included). (meer…)

GCCC picnic ride: from sand to grass

On Sunday July 17, 2016 another picnic ride through the South-Holland province will take place, organised this time by our members Jerry and John. This varied ride will finish as usual at Piet’s farm. It is there that you can eat and/or share the delicacies you’ve brought with you.

Where do we start?

You are all welcome on the Noordwijk beach between 12.00 and 12.30 h.. The exact location has been notified by e-mail  to the members.  We can park in the grounds of the restaurant.  Inside you will find coffee/tea or soft drink with fresh apple pie from Olmenhorst.

What are we going to see during the ride?

A pleasant, varied and surprising ride of some 70 kms, touching at a.o. De Zilk, Hillegom and Kaag, and finishing at Piet’s farm. (meer…)

Zealand – Walcheren: dunes, polders and gardens

KOUDEKERKE – On Sunday  April 17, 2016 you are cordially invited to a varied ride through Zealand scenery, organised by our members Arnold & Bart. Zuid-Beveland welcomed you in 2014 with a ride, now it’s the former island Walcheren’s turn. Please note, the start location is not the same as the finish, so keep that in mind if you want to join up in somebody else’s car for the ride.

You are expected from 11.30 onwards  in Koudekerke. The exact location details have been communicated to our members in a separate mail. At this location dogs are allowed inside, but only on a leash.

Lunch on arrival?

Coffie/tea is provided on arrival accompanied by a buffet of mini pastries and for those who

have reserved beforehand, there is a luncheon buffet from 12 noon onards, consisting of a fish soup with a rich filling, a delicious tomato soup, fresh meat and fish salad, sauces, various freshly baked rolls and to finish it off, a fruit salad. For extra drinks, coins  can be bought  at the counter for  € 2,50 (one drink for one coin, foreign distilled drinks excluded). (meer…)

First GCCC ride of the season: Gooi and Vecht region

On March 13 th, 2014 our member Jorden  is taking us to a beautiful part of the Netherlands, between Amsterdam, Utrecht and Hilversum, the Gooi and Vecht region. So gGet your oldtimer out of its hibernation and enjoy the ride and meet your friends.

Where are start and finish?

Ypu are welcome between 12.00 and 12.30 h. at the ”Groot Kantwijk” estate, Bergseweg 28 q, 3633 AK VREELAND. The Healey Museum there is centrally located and withinn a short distance from to from the A2 motorway. Two enthusiastic Healey experts will guide you round the only Healey museum in de world.

After a varied ride through Loosdrecht and the Hooge en Lage Vuursche we finish the day here as well towards 17.30 uur. For those who booked before a lovely buffet dinner is waiting for you at about 18.00 composed by a caterer from Hilversum (€ 25 p.p., drinks not included). (meer…)

GCCC AGM February 21st, 2016

The first GCCC event of 2016 is traditionally our Annual General Meeting.

At this AGM we look back at the events of the past year and we look forward to things to come, including the international events planned this year such as Eurotour.

Apart from that the club finances will be discussed. It speaks for itself that members will have a say in the budget and the contribution for 2017.

All GCCC members and partners are entitled to vote. This AGM is for members only, so please note that guests are not allowed in!

Where and when

The AGM will be held at Van Roomen klassieke carrosserieën, Oosterinslag 5E 3871 AL Hoevelaken on Sunday February 21, 2016. Doors open at 12.30 p.m. The meeting is planned from 1.00 until 4.00 p.m., after that there will be a drink waiting for you until 5 p.m. at the latest. An interval is planned between 2.15 and 2.45 p.m. (meer…)

Eighth Christmas Crib Ride

Every other year  GCCC organises a Christmas Crib Ride and this year the eighth edition will take place on Sunday December 27th. A good time to look back to the past rides season and bring a toast to the coming year together with your GCCC friends! This ride will take place in the border region of the Netherlands and Belgium.

What car are you choosing?

Of course it is appreciated if you take your oldtimer, but because of possible wintery conditions and grit, it is perfectly understandible if you prefer to take your everyday car this time.

Where is the start and finish?

This time the organisers, our GCCC members Con and Koos have chosen Sint-Lenaarts (bij Brecht)  as the place to start the ride, a place not very far from the Dutch border. When on the motorway A16/E19 take exit 3, Brecht. You are expected between 12.00 and 12.30 h. at ‘Feestzaal L’Artisjok’, Dorpsstraat 50, B-2960 Sint-Lenaarts. Outside there are plenty of parking spaces. On arrival you will be be served a hot cup of wintery pea soup with bread.  A vegetarian alternative is available too. (meer…)

GCCC – Life in Brabant is good

On Sunday 22 November, 2015 our members Daniël and Mark, born and bred in the province Noord-Brabant, will take you along to the convivial Brabant countryside.

Where will the ride start and finish?

You are welcome at Gasterij De Seterse Hoeve, Vijf Eikenweg 56, 4903 RK Oosterhout between 12:00 and 12:30 h. This rurally situated restaurant has a large car park. We’ll also end the day at this place, at around 5 p.m. For those who have booked this beforehand, a three course dinner will be waiting there at 6 p.m.  ( € 25 p.p.). There is a choice between fish, meat or vegetarian; the price does not include drinks.

The ride

Starting at Seterse Hoeve we set off for a nice, varied ride through the beautiful Brabant landscape. Some of the villages we’ll see are  ’s Gravenmoer, Waspik, Geertruidenberg, Drimmelen and Terheijden. About all these villages a lot can be told, but we’ll tell you a bit more about ‘s Gravenmoer here. (meer…)

GCCC – History around Hellevoetsluis

For our next event, on October 11th, we are preparing our old- or young-timer for a ride organised by our member Kees. We are going to the island of Voorne-Putten. GCCC old hands may remember that we’ve been there before, twice in fact, in 1996 and in 2000. That’s a while ago, of course, but it so happens that we will start from the same restaurant as we did 15 years ago.

Driving through the South-Holland island of Voorne-Putten we see a surprisingly vast and rural area, which is nevertheless situated very close to the  industrial port of Rotterdam. Driving there will offer us all sorts of monumental houses, but also windmills, ships and fortifications. And, of course, old-timers!

Where is the meeting point?

We are expected at restaurant Aquarius, Zuidfront 2, 3221 AZ Hellevoetsluis between 12.00 and 12.30 h. The ride will end there too. It’s a nice location on the river Haringvliet with a view of a lighthouse. (meer…)

Four Countries Route in the utmost South of Limburg

On Sunday September 6th, 2015 our member Frans is taking you to a seemingly non-Dutch part of the Netherlands. The Four Countries Route passes through the history and the hills of South Limburg.

Where will the ride begin and end?

You are welcome at Restaurant De Bokkerijder, Viergrenzenweg 232,  6291 BX Vaals between 12.00 and 12.30 H. This is close to the highest point of the Netherlands.

The restaurant has ample parking space and has a fantastic view of the neighbouring German town of Aachen. Coffee/tea with flan will be waiting for you. And… if early, you can walk towards the Four Countries Point only five minutes away.

Towards 17.00 h. we will also end the day here. For those who have booked in advance a three course dinner will be served at 18.00 h. (choice between fish, meat or vegetarian) for € 25 p.p., drinks not included. (meer…)

From Lake to Picnic – Sunday July 19th

Summer is upon us! Time for the annual picnic in the grounds of our members Piet and Ernst. In order to be able to concentrate on this picnic, this time the actual ride has been in charge of our members Peter and Jreoen. On July 19th they have planned a ride for you in the green Heart of Holland.

The start is at Aalsmeer at a stone’s throw of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and the finish is, as usual,  at the grounds of  Piet and Ernst. That is where you can consume all the food and drinks you have taken with you from home. So it’s up to you to make this as jolly or camp as you like!

Sorry, registering is no longer possible.!

Meeting point

We gather at Restaurant Westeinder Paviljoen Aalsmeer. Kudelstaartseweg 22, 1431 GA Aalsmeer between 12:00 and 12:30 H.  Coffee/tea and pastry will be waiting for you. After having checked in you can enjoy the beautiful view of  Westeinder Plassen with the odd aeroplane taking off or landing in between. (meer…)

Around Utrecht, Castles and Estates

The June event is almost upon us…are you and your oldtimer prepared?

Our chairman Hans and our first leading man Sam have organised a ride in the attractive surroundings of Utrecht on June 7. We can’t go into the inner city of Utrecht unfortunately because it is a low emission zone which is maintained diligently with fines up to  €90,-.

Meeting point

We gather in Doorn at the Beukenrode estate between  12.00 and 12.30 h., of which more later. The address is Beukenrodelaan 2, 3941 ZP Doorn (0343-473220).

On arrival you will find  coffee/tea and cake.  In that same place  later that day there will be  a drink and a hot and cold buffet for those  staying on.


Take a ride – In the Antwerp Pride


Do you fancy driving your old-timer and showing your pink pride during a nice weekend around Antwerp in Belgium?

That’s possible! Our members Con and Koos have joined forces with Ludo  to prepare an attractive weekend for you – not quite by chance co-inciding with the Antwerp Pride. We can even ride in front of the Pride procession. Can you picture yourself? You and your partner driving through attractive Antwerp with your audience lining the Scheldt quays? Quite a sight, eh? Who doesn’t like a cute model? And not only can you take your old-timer, your young-timer is welcome too! Two full days!

Apart from using your body to manoeuvre your car, you can also move the whole of your body on the dance floor of a.o. the Red & Blue. Show your moves and get your grooves. And not only that, you can also party at Wave. So….. do yourself and somebody else a favour, get your nicest outfit on andgo swinging, grooving, moving, grinding, etc….. (meer…)

What did we do in 2015?
  • February 22:  Annual General Meeting
  • March 22:  Dalfsen area
  • April 19:  Gouda and beyond
  • May 10:  Around Groningen
  • June 7:  Surroundings Utrecht
  • July 19:  Aalsmeer/Zoetermeer Picnic ride
  • August 8 and 9:  GCCC Antwerp Pride
  • September 6:  Southern part of province of Zuid-Limburg
  • October 11:  Hellevoetsluis/Oostvoorne
  • November 22:  Varia in Brabantia – around Oosterhout
  • December 27:  Christmas Crib Ride
GCCC ride in Krimpenerwaard (Gouda area)

Our members At and Ron invite  GCCC members to get your youngtimer/oldtimer out again for the second time this year on April 19th  for a ride to the Green Heart of Holland, an area surrounded by the rivers Hollandsche IJssel, Vlist and Lek.  This Krimpenerwaard is known for its old and picturesque villages, ditto farm houses, low-lying polders and  windmills and has a rich flora and fauna. Some roads are narrow, but there are always wider parts for on-coming cars.

The rendez-vous

You are welcome at  Brasserie IJsselweide, Sluisdijk 15, 2809 NA Gouda between 11.30 and 12.00 h.  This Brasserie is part of the golf course IJsselweide ( and boasts a large car park on the premises. Inside you will fine coffee/tea/sofdrink waiting for you accompanied by a local delicacy, a syrup waffle, Gouda style.   To get to the brasserie from Sluisdijk you drive down the slope, the brasserie and the golf course are at the bottom of the dyke. This is not steep, every car can manage that. It is possible to leave your car on top of the dyke, but there are no official parking spaces there.

During this week-end there will also be the National Open Golf Days (NOG). Golfbaan IJsselweide takes part. During the NOG you can get a free introduction to golfing. Golf courses are open to anybody interested.

Salland’s Beauty

On Sunday March 22, 2015 the new GCCC season is starting in the beautiful and hospitable Salland region. Salland. Paul and Marchel invite you for a varied drive exploring the lovely and varied landscape. You’ll see castles, museums, and panoramas across the rivers Ijssel and Vecht, as well as small rivers and pretty picturesque towns and villages.

Where are the start and the finish?

From 12.00 h. you are welcome at restaurant De Barones, Gerner Es 5a, 7722 RX Dalfsen. This restaurant has ample parking space in its own grounds. Once inside, a cup of coffee or tea with some pastry will be waiting for you. Registration is until 12:30.

After the start we’ll cross the river Vecht. Ringing a bell? For ‘old’ GCCC members it will do. In 2007 we had a drive in this region as well, but the overlap with the present ride is very limited. There is so much more to be discovered! If you like, a stop can be made at the Nijenhuis Castle at Heino, well-known for its collection of statues and modern art. We’ll then cross the river IJssel by ferry. The charge for that is € 1,80 for car and driver, for each additional passenger € 0,40. From the ferry via Hattem we’re heading towards the old IJssel Bridge and cross it, which is followed by a nice bit of Zwolle, the Engelsewerk and the Katerveer lock. Then it’s back to De Barones. (meer…)

Annual General Meeting at Lex Classics February 22, 2015

Our annual general meeting was held on February 22, 2015 at Lex Classics in Waalwijk. Most members left their old-timers at home, but there were some brave ones who defied the brine and grit on the roads.

Favoured by pleasant sunshine members and partner members were welcomed by Marcel en Con. On the ground floor of Lex Classics the coveted 2015 GCCC membership cards were handed out.

While enjoying a cup of coffee and cake there was a lot of chat about last year’s happenings and also about the coming season, all this surrounded by loads of beautifully restored old-timers. Lex has an impressive business with beautiful old-timers, and mostly British at that. Apart from that,Lex has quite a few young-timers in his showroom, a thing that was welcomed by many of our members. Plenty of candy for the eye! (meer…)

Utrecht castles, country estates and Mann

On Sunday December 21 the last event of 2014 will take place and it will be in the heart of the Netherlands. Not only will we be driving in the lovely province of Utrecht but also we’ll be able to enjoy a talk with images by our member Jan van der Schee. The topic will be the novelist Thomas Mann (1875-1955), who was one of the greatest German writers of the 20th century. Jan will be telling us about the interesting life of this writer, who may have been married with six (!) children, but in fact was more interested in members of his own sex.

Where will we start?

Start and finish are at restaurant de Engel, Burgemeester Wallerweg 2, 3991 DM Houten, tel.:  030 637 1554030 637 1554.  You are expected there between 11.30 and 12.00 h. for coffee and pastry. The ride will start around 12.30. (meer…)

GCCC Limburg: Leading Role for River Meuse

PANHEEL – On Sunday November 16 you are cordially invited to take your car to the central part of the province of Limburg. Paul and Marchel have prepared a ride for you there, which promises to be a varied one with even a crossing into Belgium. This area is known for the water in the river Meuse, various lakes and marinas.

Where will the start and finish be?

You are welcome between 12.00 and 12.30 h. at the brasserie of  Restaurant Boschmolenplas, Bosmolenweg 16, 6097 NG Panheel. This restaurant has its own large car park. Once inside you will be welcomed with coffee/tea accompanied by a piece of Limburg “vlaai”, a kind of pastry typical for this region. (meer…)

GCCC Zeeland ride in the South Beveland area

On Sunday October 12 you and your old-timer are welcome in the Zeeland countryside. GCCC members Arnold and Bart have prepared a ride there for you.

It promises to be a varied ride through the Zuid-Beveland area, a region hemmed in between two branches of the River Scheldt.

Where do we start?

You are welcome between 11.30 and 12.00 h. at Partycentrum Schoudee, Schoudeeweg 1, 4424 NB Wemeldinge. Schoudee has its own large car park. Coffee/tea with pastry will be waiting for you on arrival. (meer…)

Ride round Dordrecht and in Alblasserwaard

On Sunday September 21 your oldtimer would love to be taken out of the garage for a ride towards Alblasserwaard! This time our GCCC members Paul and Pieter Onno have organised a varied and pleasant ride in low lying polder landcape with your GCCC friends.

Hollands landschap met koeien en een molenWhere will we start?

You are expected to arrive at the Kat in de Wilg restaurant, Peperstraat 28, 2969 AZ Oud-Alblas between 12:00 and 12:30 h. dry  where you will be received with coffee and pastry.

Fort AltenaWhat will you see?

From Alblasserwaard, land between the rivers Lek and Merwede we’ll drive along the meandering river Alblas, passing authentic Dutch farms. Past Fort Altena, one of the 46 fortifications belonging to the Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie. Around Altena on that day there happens to be the Liniepadfestival. Then we continue past the Biesbosch water reservoirs which can be spotted from a vantage point. (meer…)

What did we do in 2014?
  • February 16: AGM at Audi Centre Breda
  • March 9: Opening ride round Breda
  • April 6: ‘Dollen tussen de Bollen’ (second time!) from Voorhout. Driving through the bulb fields.
  • May 18: ‘Op de hielen met grote en kleine wielen’, Leeuwarden area.
  • June 22: Ride round Apeldoorn,  combined with Concours d’Elegance Het Loo on the preceding Saturday
  • July 20: Ride round Deventer
  • August 10: GCCC at Nationaal Oldtimer Festival
  • August 17: Picnic ride
  • September 6 until 12: Scotland trip (organised by our members Hans and Emiel)
  • September 21: Dordrecht area ride
  • October 12: Ride through Zeeland
  • November 16: Ride in the surroundings of Roermond
  • December 21: Christmas ride in the provinde of Utrecht with an audio-visual talk on Thomas Mann
Banter Between Bulbs

Fancy a lovely spring ride through countryside full of water and bulb field colour? Then get into your oldtimer on Sunday April 6 and enjoy a spring fresh GCCC ride organised by our members Dick and Marco.

Where do we start?

The start and finish are at restaurant ’t Soldaatje on Jacoba van Beierenweg 150, 2215 KX Voorhout. You are expected between 12.00 and 12.30 h. and you will be welcomed with coffee/tea and local pastry. (meer…)

What did we do in 2016?
  • February 21: Annual General Meeting
  • March 13: Loosdrecht
  • April 17: Walcheren, the garden of Zealand
  • May 13 – 16: Eurotour (NL)
  • June 12: Limburg
  • July 17: Picnic Ride
  • August 14: Twente and Achterhoek region
  • September 4: (Dordrecht) Land van Altena
  • October 9: Nijmegen
  • November 6: Veluwe
  • December 11: Slides show with ride round Utrecht
Audi Centre Breda hosted AGM 2014

Annually in February GCCC has its Annual General Meeting. On Sunday February 16 our hosts were the Audi Centre in Breda.

Birthday boy Mark

Our chairman Mark had organised this meeting to take place in the entresol of the Audi Centre Breda. Mark treated  the 62 members present to delicious rolls  at the occcasion of his birthday. Thanks, Mark, and congrats even now! (meer…)

What did we do in 2013?
    • February 24: Annual General Meeting (ALV) at Oldtimerland in Amersfoort
    • March 17: Shifting Gears along Shifting Sands
    • April 21: Tholen ride
    • May 26: Asparagus ride in Limburg
    • June 23: Ride in Twente around De Lutte
    • July 14: Ride in Kennemerland near Haarlem, with museum
    • August 18: Picnic ride, The Hague area
    • September 6 – 8: GCCC and Queerlenker Steam Weekend! / Unter Dampf! location: Veluwe (North of Arnhem)
    • September 22: Late Summer Ride in Brabant
    • October 13: Groningen area
    • November 17: Ride in the province of North Holland
    • December 29: Christmas crib ride in Belgian-Dutch border area
    What did we do in 2012?
    • February 25: Annual General Meeting at Volkswagen Museum Wijk en Aalburg
    • March 25: Ride in the former barren grounds around Ermelo
    • April 22: Ride through the area around Edam
    • May 20: Royal Lands and Estates in the province of Utrecht
    • June 16: Border Hopping starting at Zundert _View the route and the photos taken by Con, Marchel, Bart and Arnold (in the members’ area)
    • July 15: Picnic ride at Gouda and Leidschendam
    • August 19: Ride round Hellegat
    • September 9: Friesland Ride near Oranjewoud
    • October 21: Autumn ride around Posbank, Arnhem area
    • November 16 – 18: Jubilee week-end ‘GCCC 20 years’
    • December 16: Let’s Go Wilde, presentation by our member Jan with ride in the IJsselstein area